What Is A Lip Enhancement?

Improve your smile and freshen your face with plumper, softer and smoother-looking lips. Lip-enhancement using dermal fillers or lip fillers is growing in popularity among individuals of all ages looking to rejuvenate their smile. This treatment is quick, safe and effective and requires no downtime.

Our lips, like our eyes and nose, are a defining and prominent feature. A radiant smile can add youth to your appearance, boosting your self-confidence and helping to make your outer appearance match the way you feel on the inside. Lip enhancement or lip fillers procedures not only plump and firm the lips, they reduce the appearance of fine vertical lines above the mouth, define the lip line, prevent lipstick bleeding, and even create a upward turn to the corners of your mouth.

How Does Lip Enhancement Treatment Work?

After a thorough complimentary consultation with one of our expert lip augmentation physicians during which your goals and expectations are discussed, you and your physician will decide on a treatment plan for lip enhancement. If you opt to have the procedure right away, you will then get started.

Though the procedure usually causes only minor discomfort, some patients do opt to have a topical anesthetic cream applied to the lips during their lip augmentation procedure. If you choose this pre-treatment option, you will then wait about 30-45 minutes for the medication to take effect. Once your lips are less sensitive, our physician will administer the lip filler treatment via tiny injections that are virtually pain free.

What Happens after the Lip Enhancement Treatment?

You will be able to return to your regular daily activities immediately following your lip enhancement treatment. You may experience some temporary side effects including mild swelling, bruising or redness. These will most likely disappear within a maximum of 24 to 48 hours. You will be left with natural, beautiful plump and full lips.

How Long Will the Results of my Lip Enhancement Last?

The results of your lip injections will last from six months to 2 years depending on the type of lip filler product used. The choice of product will be made based on your individual needs. Since we use non-permanent lip injections, you can fine-tune your results as subsequent treatment sessions or even have the product dissolved if required.

To learn more about lip enhancement with dermal fillers, contact Dermatologie Rejuvenation Clinic in Maple Ridge, BC.


The Answers to all of Your Questions
Q. What is a lip enhancement?

A. There is a big difference between dermal fillers and anti wrinkle injections. While both are injected into the skin by a medical professional, the similarities stop there. Dermal fillers provide volume while anti wrinkle injections freeze the muscle in order to provide a smoother appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Depending upon what you want to improve on your appearance, you may need one or the other – or a combination of both. Anti wrinkle injections are not capable of sculpting the face or adding any kind of volume. However, they can be one of the best ways to smooth out lines and wrinkles and reduce the overall appearance of the wrinkles.

Q. Why would I need a lip enhancement?

A. People choose a lip enhancement for many reasons. It can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This can help to prevent bleeding of lipstick as well as make your mouth look younger and more vibrant. It can give you the boost in self-confidence that you have been looking for so that your external appearance matches the one that you have inside. The lip line may be better defined after a lip enhancement and can help to smooth out the look of the lips.

Q. What will my lips look like after the injections?

A. The appearance of your lips can vary after the injections. Some people will notice considerably fuller lips than other people after the injections. The product used as well as the number of injections will make a difference. Your doctor should have before/after photos of previous patients that can be shown to give you an idea of what to expect.

Q. Is there any surgery required?

A. There is no actual surgery involved with lip enhancement. The entire procedure involves using injections of dermal fillers on and around the lips to provide the desired appearance. Depending upon the product used, a numbing gel may be applied to the lips first in order to minimise the pain from the injections. Other than a pinch of a needle, there is nothing else involved, which is why injections have become a more popular solution to lip enhancement in comparison to surgery.

Q. What are the side effects?

A. There are some side effects associated with the injections for lip enhancement, though most are temporary and generally only last for a day or two. This can include bleeding from the injection site, slight swelling and bruising, tenderness at the site, and redness. There is after-care that must be followed in order to reduce and eliminate side effects. Ice can be used to ease comfort. Lip products and lipstick should also be avoided for 24 hours after the injections to avoid any complications, including infection.

Q. Are there any risks involved?

A. As with any procedure, there are always risks involved, though they are minimal. Dermal fillers often use products that are found naturally within the body. This is done to minimise the risks associated with the injections. Some of the most common risks include an allergic reaction or infection. Less common risks include tissue loss as a result of injecting into a blood vessel, ulceration, and lip asymmetry. The best way to minimise risks is to bring up health concerns during the initial consultation and to ensure that you go to a reputable and well trained skin specialist for the injections. At Advanced Dermatology all lip enhancements are performed by a specialist cosmetic doctor.

Q. How often do I need the injections?

A. The frequency for the injections can vary based upon the actual product used as well as the individual person. Injections can vary from six months to two years. Non-permanent fillers are traditionally used and this works to your advantage so that results can be fine-tuned with each subsequent visit. Our specialist cosmetic doctor will be able to provide details during the consultation once you begin discussing various products.

Q. How long will it take for me to see results?

A. Many people see results within 24 hours of getting the injections. It may take a few hours for swelling to go down and after that, you will notice fuller, smoother lips that you can enjoy for many months before having to think about future injections.

Q. Is everyone a candidate for lip enhancement injections?

A. Not everyone is a candidate for lip enhancement, though many people are. Various health conditions may impact your eligibility and this can be something you discuss with the skin specialist during your initial consultation. Allergies to lidocaine and other products can also limit the products that are used during the injection process.

Q. Are there different products available?

A. There are various brands of lip enhancement injections on the market. It is a good idea to schedule a consultation with a dermatologist first to learn about what it is that you need. Some products are able to provide more fullness than others. Most of the products are made with natural ingredients already found inside your body, so the chance of being allergic to anything is slim. Some of the injections feature lidocaine, which can also reduce the amount of pain experienced with the injection, though not everyone can tolerate the lidocaine, which limits the types of injections that can be used.

Q. What are the costs involved with the injections?

A. The cost of the injections can vary dramatically from person to person based upon various factors. The number of injections required to provide you with the desired results are going to impact the cost. Some people need two or three injections while other people need considerably more. The product used will also impact the cost. The best thing to do is to schedule a consultation with a skin specialist who will talk to you about the procedure and then provide you with an estimated cost.

Q. Is everyone a candidate for lip enhancement injections?

A. Not everyone is a candidate for lip enhancement, though many people are. Various health conditions may impact your eligibility and this can be something you discuss with the skin specialist during your initial consultation. Allergies to lidocaine and other products can also limit the products that are used during the injection process.

Q. How do I find the right skin specialist?

A. It’s important that you find a licensed specialist cosmetic doctor to help you with your lip enhancement to avoid any unnecessary complications. Many different providers have become available recently, though the results are not always the same based on where you go. It’s important that you find someone who is familiar with the lip enhancement treatment and uses an array of products to ensure you get the desired results. At Dermatologie Rejuvenation Clinic in Maple Ridge all lip filler treatments are performed by a Dermatologist.