Actual patient results

What To Expect in Your Consultation

During a hair loss consultation, Dr. Garnis-Jones examines your hair and may investigate the cause of the hair loss with special blood tests and perhaps a scalp biopsy. The blood tests will help determine if part of the hair loss problem is related to hormone issues or other internal problems such as a lack of vitamins. Typically, there is a 3-4 week wait for the results of the blood test.

A scalp biopsy involves freezing a small area of the scalp (similar to a dentist’s freezing) and then cutting a small sediment of skin to be looked at by the pathologist. The Pathologist is able to look at the hairs and help determine how much inflammation there is around the hairs. This will provide a diagnosis when the reason for your hair loss is not clear.

Dr. Garnis-Jones may not be able to discuss all your treatment options until the results of the blood tests and/or biopsy are available.

Proven Hair Loss Therapies

1. Hair Loss Products

Consumer Beware! There are many hair loss products available on the internet and social media. Remember, anyone can sell anything on the internet with no repercussions for making false claims. It has also become common practice for brands to pay for product placements on social media posts or internet articles. Product placements easily mislead the consumer by making it appear as though those products are being personally recommended following a positive personal experience.

That is the reason why Dr. Garnis-Jones offers products that have all been tested and have been proven to be effective by clinical studies and over 20 years of real patient results. They can be purchased in the clinic or from our online shop at

2. In-Clinic Hair Loss Treatments (may or may not be required)

  • Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) Injections
    Involves the injection of your own platelets into the scalp
    • Increases the blood supply to the follicle
    • Increases the thickness of the hair
    • Triggers and maintains the growing phase of the hair follicle
    • Decreases the hair loss by maintaining the growth phase
  • Kenalog Injections
    Involves injecting small amounts of cortisone into the scalp in order to decrease the inflammation around the follicle

3. Medication

If your hair loss is caused by an underlying disease, treatment for that disease may be necessary with nonprescription or prescription medication.

Get Started

  1. Request a referral letter from your family physician or a walk-in clinic be faxed to Dr. Garnis Jones at 604.380.4411. Our staff will schedule you with the nearest location.

  2. Visit our clinic for a comprehensive hair loss consultation appointment with dermatologist Dr. Sylvia Garnis-Jones.

  3. If applicable, Dr. Garnis-Jones will inform you of what treatments are appropriate in a follow-up appointment after reviewing your results from any blood tests and/or biopsies.