Dermatologie Rejuvenation Clinic

Our mission is simple; provide a natural approach to total skin rejuvenation. 

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    Our Values

    1. Dermatologist Supervision

    We are one of few aesthetic treatment providers in the Vancouver mainland and Fraser Valley region managed by a genuine Dermatologist, Dr. Sylvia Garnis-Jones.

    2. Expertise

    Dr. Garnis-Jones has been at the forefront of innovation and exceptional service in skin rejuvenation treatments for over three decades now.  Our medical aesthetician team has considerable training in the services we offer and a strong commitment to ongoing training to stay at the forefront of our industry.

    3. Natural Results

    We design customized treatment plans to provide you with only the beautiful, natural-looking results you need.

    4. Luxurious Comfort

    Our minimal, modern clinic environment has industry-leading patient comforts – fresh coffee, snacks and a range of entertainment options including iPads.

    5. We Have Had It Ourselves

    Our entire team have had the treatments we offer themselves. We invest in treating our team so their recommendations are informed by their own experience and results.

  • Our Vision

    Dermatologie Rejuvenation Clinic is a new concept recently launched by internationally recognized Dermatologist, Dr. Sylvia Garnis-Jones. Inspired by her Quebec roots, Dr. Garnis-Jones missed the approach to skin care she grew accustomed to growing up in Montréal. She envisioned a modern, multi-disciplinary approach to advanced cosmetic dermatology that embodied the beauty principles of the French – where a natural appearance, a healthy lifestyle, and an uncomplicated skin care regimen is seen as integral to optimal skin health.

    In 2014, Dermatologie Rejuvenation Clinic came to be with a name inspired by the core of what we do; simple, natural, french-inspired integrative dermatology. 

    The Dermatologie Rejuvenation Clinic we see in the future will re-define the “medical spa”. Meeting the needs of the modern, busy person, Dermatologie will work towards becoming a one-stop source for all elements of a holistic skin care – including nutritional and fitness guides.

    About – Insight
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Only facility for Dermatologist administered injectables in Maple Ridge.

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